Mass is at 9:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

Welcome to Sacred Heart Parish!



Sacred Heart Parish

114 South Elizabeth St.

Lombard, IL 60148-2597


Rectory:  (630) 627-0687

Religious Education Dept.:  (630) 495-0843

School:  (630) 629-0536


Rev. Thomas Botheroyd, Pastor

   Weekend Mass Schedule                      Daily Mass Schedule

    Saturday   5:00 PM                                                           Mon, Thur         12 Noon

    Sunday     8:30 AM                                                           Tues, Wed, Fri   8:00 AM

                   11:00 AM


   Confession                                                                   Adoration Chapel

   Tuesday     8:30 AM                                                            Perpetual Worship 

                    6:00 PM                                                           (for registered adorers)                  

   Saturday   3:30 PM





Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is a convenient way to practice responsible financial

stewardship at Sacred Heart Parish.  Your generosity is deeply appreciated.











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